Wednesday, 16 January 2013

9 Mistakes Men Make In Bed

Guys, if you’ve managed to have sex with her once, but you now find that she’s MIA after your encounter, chances are you did or said something wrong in the sack and she’s not eager for a repeat. If you get your cues from adult videos or your boys, you might’ve been led astray…and here are 9 things that you might be doing that SOME women hate in bed.

1. No 4-play
4-play begins in your mind, and carries over to her body – her ENTIRE body. It could start with a passionate kiss and if you’re the type of guy who never kisses before, during or after sex, then she may just assume you’re all about yours and she’ll feel neglected. Sex isn’t just about genitalia; it’s about setting the mood, engaging her mind, senses and paying attention to her completely. If you’re just focused on the area between her legs and maybeher breasts, then there’s a 50/50 chance she MIGHT give you another chance; but if you don’t step your 4-play game up, she won’t be calling you back any time soon.

2. Robot Sex
If you move in bed like you’re counting or are hammering at her in a mechanical way, expect to expect to receive a less than excited response. Women (and men) hate boring, predictable, methodical sex that lacks passion, rhythm and excitement. Whether it’s too fast, too slow, if you go on too long or keep stopping, robot sex can leave a woman feeling disconnected – especially if she’s the type who can’t pick up where she left off or needs to build up slowly in order to climax. If you’re a jack rabbit, she won’t want more of that. She’ll just use her toy Rabbit until someone better comes along.

3. Poor Grooming
Nothing is more of a turnoff than a man who has poor hygiene, especially when it comes to sex. Now, it’ll probably be hard to get her to sleep with you at all if you smell funny, but if by some chance she does give you a chance and you’re overly hairy, have dirty fingernails and your breath stinks, don’t expect her to want to roll around with you in the sheets ever again. I’m not saying you have to totally “manscape” – because some women like a scruffy dude – but at least take a shower and trim your nails, especially if you’re going to be using your fingers. It’s only right.

4. Rough or Painful Sex
Speaking of fingers, most women prefer gentle strokes, not moves that indicate you’re digging for gold. And if your nails aren’t trimmed…OUCH!! Then there’s the guy who likes to twiddle your nipples like he’s changing the dial on a radio, or the guy who bites them too hard. Women have delicate parts that should be handled with care, and while there’s nothing wrong with a few “love bites” here and there, pay attention to her to see if she’s making pleasurable faces or if she’s grimacing in pain. Some women are into pain and if she’s one of them, then you have no worries. But if you’re not sure and it’s your first time getting busy, err on the side of being gentle until she screams to you “pull my hair!” Then you can go for it!

5. Too Quiet…or Too Loud
Most men like it when women are vocal during sex and women like to know that he’s enjoying it too. So if you’re the type of guy who is shy, timid or simply quiet, then she may wonder if she’s pleasing you. Sometimes, the sound of heavy breathing is enough for some women but for others, they like to be hear some talking. If you’re at a loss for words, you can at least say her name a few times so that she knows you’re present.
On the flip-side of that, if you never shut up during sex, you may be distracting her from savoring the moment. I’m talking about the guy who asks a million questions during sex: “How’s this?” “Do you like that?” “Am I doing it right?”  Shut up! You should be able to tell if she’s enjoying sex by the way her body responds, not simply by her telling you. There’s nothing wrong with making sure you’re not hurting her or that you’re doing something right, but there comes a time when you must simply keep your mouth shut and handle your business. And don’t bark orders either – she’s just feel like she’s having sex with a drill sergeant, and that’s wack. If you find that you’re talking more and sexing less, then put a muzzle on it and let her guide you.

6. Dirty Talk
While we’re on the subject of talking during sex, not all women like to be talked to like dirty, little sluts. Sure, it may seem cool on adult videos, but if you don’t know if she’s into that or not, then don’t go there until you both are a little more comfortable with each other. Some women totally love to be talked to in a dirty manner, but other women may feel disrespected because it sounds vulgar to them. There’s nothing wrong with dirty talk, but make sure it’s something you’re sure she’ll respond to in a positive manner before you go talking crazy out your mouth.

7. Forcing 0-ral Sex
I’ll just keep this simple – don’t grab the back of her head and “help” her down to your nether regions. I’m serious – do not play yourself like that. If she’s going to do it, she’ll do it. She doesn’t need your help, any clues or smoke signals. If you appear desperate for her to do it, then she probably won’t do it at all…ever. Nudging just makes you look thirsty.

8. Climaxing Too Soon…or Not Soon Enough
I know some men can’t help this, but if you know you’re a 2-minute brother, then you might need to seek out ways to fix that before you jump into bed with a woman for the first time. For some women, it’s not a total deal breaker, especially if you’re good at performing other things that may satisfy her first before you jump the gun. But make sure you’ve honed ALL of your skills if you simply can’t help “getting there” prematurely. [Note: Yes, we know that the first go 'round might result in a "quick release" but make sure you come with the real for round two.]
At the same time, some women aren’t built for marathon sex either. Yes, we may appreciate the extra time since some women take longer than others to climax. But after about 45 minutes to an hour, make sure you haven’t started a small brush fire down there from all the extended friction. It’s all about not being a selfish lover.

9. Not Disposing the Condom
It’s not her job to get rid of the condom, it’s yours. It’s just icky if you don’t dispose of it right and proper way. Don’t leave it leaking on the nightstand or on the floor, that’s just gross, no matter whose house it is. Also, don’t just leave it on expecting her to take it off and throw it away. Be neat and considerate – otherwise you’re just rude and disgusting.

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