Monday, 14 January 2013

Look great without makeup

If there ever were a time to set your makeup aside, summer is it. Laid-back days and long holidays seem all the better without the need for blush or mascara. Still, going bare does require a few pointers to look good and channel that glow-y radiance. Makeup artist and natural pro Carmindy show us how it's done here.

Good Brows Go A Long Way

“Have perfectly groomed brows,” says Carmindy. Defined arches frame your face, pulling your features into focus. “If you’ve over-plucked, use Revitabrow to help grow in the sparse areas.”

Scrub with Sugar

“Keep skin smooth by exfoliating regularly with a cleanser mixed with a pinch of plain granular white sugar. Lightly massage it on in the shower—it’s the best exfoliant around for eliminating dead skin,” says Carmindy.

Glow on Your Own
“Apply a nice facial self tanner that will even the skin tone and keep it looking radiant, even if you’re not wearing a drop of makeup,” explains Carmindy
Shed Some Light on Things

“Keep skin hydrated with a sheer moisturizer that has light-reflecting properties. This is the secret to keeping your skin moist and glowy on its own,” notes Carmindy.

Put Mascara on Hold
“To make your lashes look longer, fuller and darker without mascara, comb through a glossy coat of Vaseline,” says Carmindy. “Or give a lash-enhancer like Latisse a try!
Perk Up Your Eyes

Subtle trick that wakes up your whole face? “Keep the white of your eyes clear with redness-reducing drops, like Visine,” says Carmindy.

 Prime and Perfect

 “Use a facial sunscreen and primer in one, like Chantecaille SPF Primer. It leaves skin fully protected, soft and smooth with a healthy sheen,” says Carmindy.

White Ideas

“A whiter smile helps your face look young and luminous, so keep teeth bright with strips or a professional treatment at the dentist,” recommends Carmindy.

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