Tuesday, 15 January 2013

What Really Men Want to Hear from Women

I heard that men are more of the physical creatures and women are more of the mental beasts. Is that true? I cannot speak for the men but I agree that women are more of the mental or emotional ones. Being a woman, I can tell you what men want to hear from women, whether is from a girlfriend or his wife. I think we all can relate to that..- Michael Miu

1) I love you-Even the fact that you are in a relationship or in a marriage, he knows that you love him but he wants to hear it as well. It is reassuring to hear that for men.

2) You are tall, dark, and handsome-In other words, you are hot! Who does not want to hear that?

3) So happy that I found you-He is happy to be with you and wants to know that you are happy too.

4) Thank you- That would mean a lot in different ways. Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for helping out with the chores. Thank you for making me happy, etc.

5) You are special-It better be. Yes, they want to be treated like a king. Hearing that makes him feel Wanted and needed.

6) I wonder what life would be like if we met ten years ago instead of now-Sometimes, men met women in their later years after a divorce and several grown children later. He would have the same question in mind.
We can go on and on. We probably can come up with a dozen more. I think you get the point. In general, men want to hear they are wanted and needed as well as women. I hope you enjoy reading my hub and feel free to give feedback.

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